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Whatever Happened To PJ Soles?
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Released: April 6th, 2004

1. Where Are They Now? (1:23)
2. Everyone Alive (3:56 )
3. California Songs (4:10)
4. Dick Jones (5:25)
5. Money on the Dresser(2:13)
6. P.J. Soles (4:20)
7. Hows the Weather Down There? (3:46)
8. Buffalo Trace (10:14)
9. Heaven on the Way Down (2:27)
10. Hey, Rita (3:58)
11. Heavy Metal Bakesale (2:30)
12. Mellowed (4:53)
13. Thats What They All Say (7:38)
14. Halcyon Days (Where Were You Then?) (3:04)

Aditional Notes:

Starring (in order of appearance)

Brian St. Clair: Drums

Scott Lucas: Whatever

Personally directed by: Andy Gerber and Local H

Shot and edited in fits and spurts between Feb and Nov 2003

At Million Yen Studios in beautiful Chicago, IL

Courtesy of Mr. Gerber

Written for the screen by Local H

Soundtrack published by: Low Cal H (ASCAP)

Administered by Bug Music

Mastered and color timed at: Rodney Mills Masterhouse by Rodney Mills

Assisted by: Matt Leatherman

Management and Catering by: Dave Frey and Wes Kidd for Silent Partner Management

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