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Released March 5th, 2002

1. Hands on the Bible(3:57)
2. Half-Life (3:39)
3. Son of Cha (3:16)
4. Fifth Ave. Crazy (2:37)
5. Baby Wants to Tame Me (9:14)
6. Rock and Roll Professionals (4:06)
7. Keep Your Girlfriend (3:10)
8. Creature Comforted (4:10)
9. Bryn-Mawr Stomp (2:41)
10. What Would You Have Me Do? (25:14)
Additional Notes:
Length: 60:44 minutes 
Label: Palm Pictures
Producer: Jack Douglas
Publisher: PENDING
Second Mix Engineers: Ryan Williams and Karl Egsiker
Recorded at: It Is What It Is Studios, Weehawken, NJ
Unique Studios, NY,NY
Harariville, Weehawken, NJ
Skyline Studios, NY,NY
Recorded by: Jay Messina
Mastered by: George Marino at Sterling Sound, New York, NY.
Mixed by: Nick DiDia
Mixed at: Southern Tracks Recording, Atlanta, GA.
Photography: Clay Patrick McBride
Design: Tony Wright

The Usual: Scott Lucas
Drums: Brian St.Clair
special guests:
Josh Homme
Wesley Kid
Shanna Kiel
Maxton Koc
Jerry Only
Gabe Rodriguez
Simantha Sernaker

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