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Released April 16, 1996

1. Manifest Destiny Pt.(0:51)
2. High-Fiving MF(4:50)
3. Bound For The Floor(3:42)
4. Lovey Dovey(2:57)
5. I Saw What You Did And I Know Who You Are(3:16)
6. No Problem(4:14)
7. Nothing Special(3:59)
8. Eddie Vedder(3:29)
9. Back In The Day(3:35)
10. Freeze Dried(4:00)
11. Fritz's Corner(2:51)
12. O. K.(6:53)
13. Manifest Destiny Pt. 2(4:37)

Additional Notes

Length: 45:94 minutes
Label: Island Records, Inc. (UNI/Mercury)
Producers: Steven Haigler and Local H
Engineer: Steven Haigler
Publisher: The H That Was Local (ASCAP)
Additional Engineer: Andy Katz
Assistant Mix Engineer: Caesar Sogbe
Recorded at: The Carriage House, Stamford, CT. in 1996
Mastered by: Ted Jansen at Sterling Sound, New York, NY.
Mixed by: Tom Lord-Alge at South Beach Studios, Miami Beach, FL.
Art Direction: Sheryl Lutz-Brown
Cover Concept: Jerry Newbrough
Photography: John Nguyen

Drums: Joe Daniels
Guitar, etc: Scott Lucas

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