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Released January 24, 1995

1. Feed(2:38)
2. Cynic(5:01)
3. Mayonnaise and Malaise(4:46)
4. User(2:50)
5. Manipulator(4:09)
6. Bag of Hammers(2:39)
7. Scott-Rock(3:27)
8. Sports Bar(5:37)
9. Chicago Fanphair '93(4:01)
10. Strict 9(6:12)
11. Skid Marks(5:04)
12. Grrrlfriend(1:28)

Aditional Notes:

Length: 47:52 minutes
Label: Island Records, Inc. (UNI/Mercury)
Engineer, Producer and Mixer: Steve Haigler
Additional Engineer: Tracy Schroeder
Assistant Mix Engineer: Dave Cozzie
Recorded at Refection Studios, Charlotte, NC (1995)
Mixed at: The Carriage House, Stamford, CT.
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios, Inc.
Photography: Jana Leon
Design: David Calderley
Art Cordination: Janet DeMatteis

Drums: Joe Daniels
Guitar, Vocals: Scott Lucas

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