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Two different tracks of demos were recorded in 2000.  The first 13-track disk was recorded in early 2000.  It consisted of a couple unreleased songs, most of which have leaked and different versions of many other songs.  Some of the songs were used on other complications before Here Comes The Zoo was released.  The second version of demos was recorded in the late summer of 2000.   It has not leaked to the public to my knowledge, but some of the tracks are listed below.

Early 2000:
Son Of Cha!
President Forever
5th Ave Crazy
Baby Wants To Tame Me
Rock And Roll Professionals
Everyone Alive
Creature Comforted
Stick To What You Know
Foolish Notions
Payback Is A Mother
Halcyon Days
Baby Wants To Tame Me (short version)
Summer 2000:
No Fun
Keep Your Girlfriend,
Everyone Alive (version 2)
Cooler Heads

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