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This was the first demo "Local H" recorded. It was recorded in late 1988, early 1989. Local H was called "Rude Awakenings" at the time and featured 5+ people, among them Scott and Joe. The demo was titled "Big Emotions" and is the very tape that Joe tried to sell Gabe back in high school.  


 Track List
1. Big Emotions
2. She's Alright
3. (Do You Cry) When you hear that song?
4. Greenback
5. Staircase Part 2
6. Worship
7. The One To Change
8. Cleaning House
9. Merry Christmas Babe
10. I Don't Want you
11. Gimme Peace
12. Church On Fire
13. Back To Basics
14. Laugh And Cry
15. Kiss My Hand
16. Morton Downey Jr
17. Who I Say I am

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