When Scott Lucas was a child he remembered waking up everyday from his comfortable bed and seeing the evil white monster lurking in the woods behind quiet Zion, Illinois. This was of course the water tower. While carrying water to the friendly citizens of the town, the towers evil looks and demeanor scared the children of the town. Scott would innocently ask his mother, "Why can they not just take the water out of the ground," his mother would respond, "Scott, I just don't know, I just don't know." While on a fishing trip with Larry Czonka later in life, Scott met up with a lifelong friend and future bandmate Joe Daniels. Scott noticed while on the trip to Canada that Joe cowered and hid as he did, every time they passed a water tower. Scott sympathized and let him know that he was not alone (quick fact - 23.7% of Americans fear water towers). Joe shared with Scott the stories of his mother, who was killed when a water tower spontaneously fell on her. After this Joe just couldn't stand the sight of them. From then on these two knew it was their fate to bring down the evil towers of water. They ask for your support and prayers in their effort. Donations are graciously accepted. Remember for every tower taken down a dozen kids will live a life without the agony of the big white monster.