Local H was one of the first of a long line of rock outfits that attempted to channel the spirit of Kurt Cobain shortly after the Nirvana leader's death. Unlike the others,

Local H managed to put a unique spin on their approach, as they have always existed as a duo without a bass player. Originating from Zion, Illinois, USA, the band formed during the early 90s when high school friends Scott Lucas (vocals/guitar) and Joe Daniels (drums) began playing together. The duo never looked back once their search for a bass player proved unfruitful. Local H signed with Island Records in 1994, and issued their debut, Ham Fisted, a year later. The album failed to leave a lasting impression, but their second effort, As Good As Dead, fared much better. An instantly memorable single/video, "Bound For The Floor', helped introduce the duo to a much larger crowd, but although their third outing, 1998's Pack Up The Cats, was critically acclaimed it failed to deliver a worthy follow-up to their hit single. Local H endured a pair of career threatening blows back to back (Daniels" exit and the band leaving Island), but Lucas was able to regroup with ex-Triple Fast Action member Brian St. Clair and found a new home with the Palm Pictures label. In 2002, the release of Local H's fourth release, Here Comes The Zoo, included guest spots by Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Joshua Homme and the Misfits bass player Jerry Only, among others.