The Chicago rockers Local H who are best known for their angst driven music and adrenaline filled live performance will release their first full length album in over 3 ? years. If you're not familiar with Local H, perhaps you may remember their hit song "Bound For The Floor" (keep it copacetic).

Local H consists of 2 members, Scott (vocals/guitars) and Brian (drums). It's quite amazing that these two individuals can create such an awesome sound and an excellent record. Here Comes The Zoo was produced by Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, John Lennon) and features ten solid rock tracks that are some of the catchiest tunes you'll ever hear. They use a style similar to Weezer on some songs as the use very exquisite harmonies. Most songs sound quite different, for example, they used a female vocalist on "Fifth Ave. Crazy", which makes it sound really good. Most songs are fast-paced and very energetic, but they slow things down on "Baby Wants To Tame Me", one of my favorite tracks, it shows the softer and melodic side of Local H. Overall this disc is pretty damn good. The first single is "Half-Life" which is the coolest song on here. When you hear it on the radio, you'll know what I mean. The opening track has a very angry tone, but still really cool.

I'd rate Here Comes The Zoo a 8.4 out of 10.

Best songs: "Creature Comforted," "Fifth Ave. Crazy," "Hands On The Bible," and "Baby Wants to Tame Me."