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c h r i s . c o n t i

A quick memo to all cheap-skates and/or skeptics in the current world of one hit wonders: stop trying to find the “Bound For The Floor” single (that “Copasetic” single) and just buy the whole Local H disc. Relax...it’s good stuff. Local H have hit the big time with their second full length effort, As Good As Dead (due to their current success, their debut Hamfisted should be easier to find on the shelves. The duo from Zion, Illinois (drummer Joe Daniels and guitarist/singer Scott Lucas) struck big in the summer of ‘96 with the all too familiar “Bound For The Floor,” thanks to some hip radio stations who caught the early buzz. But the album is deeper than the usual one hit wonder. It’s a straight-ahead album without tons of overlaying guitar tracks or vague, nonsensical lyrics. Yes, singer Scott Lucas does sound like Kurt Cobain but, unlike Gavin Rossdale, he isn’t aspiring to fill the role with every note. Lucas plainly cracks on everything from small-town Americana on “Fritz’s Corner” to the cutesy relationships in “Lovey Dovey.” Lucas isn’t a lyrical Eddie Vedder or Michael Stipe, nor is it his intention. The second single, “Eddie Vedder,” is not a Pearl Jam dis, so calm down, and “Freeze Dried (F) Lies” oozes with a stoner Zeppelin riff. Some of the time it’s hard to tell if Lucas is singing about a relationship turned sour or the status of their band in alterna-rock. Who knows and who cares. It’s just energetic, power-driven songs that sound better when they’re blaring from a stereo. As Good As Dead does have a few punk jams that seem to try way too hard and the token acoustic cut “OK” sounds so much like Kurt Cobain you might think the shotgun was full of blanks. Local H allow you to turn off your brain and turn up the volume. To steal a line from singer Scott Lucas on the final track, over a thick bass line and sonic wave of guitar, Local H are definitely Onto Something Good."