Local H

Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles?

Local H are to rock what the Cubs of last year were to baseball. Talented band, very beloved in this town, but have never gone all the way. The past four Local H releases, including this one, have been put out by four different record labels. No one wants to give the band permanent shelter, though it's more than deserved. Scott Lucas remains a songwriter bigger than this city, adept at writing cut-you-to-the-bone lyrics and cranking out chunky stick-to-your-gut riffs.

WHTPJS isn't the best Local H CD (that would be Pack Up The Cats), but it's stronger than most of what the bigger labels have been releasing. "Everyone Alive;" a frantic, singalong rocker, is the highlight of the disc. Elsewhere, Lucas embraces his inner Beatle on "Dick Jones", and the tribal inclinations of the drummer reach a moment of Brian St. Clair-ity on the awesome "How's The Weather Down There?" As far as the rhetorical album title goes, I don't know, though I did have a crush on her when I first saw "Rock & Roll High School."