Local H rocks beyond mundane

Local H, known best for their catchy hard-edged "Bound for the Floor," or as many know it the "Copasetic song," are still rocking tunes that are harder and edgier, showcasing music that's better than ever.

This dynamic duo has been rocking since the late eighties. Formed by two high school friends Scott Lucas (drums) and Joe Daniels (vocals and guitar) in 1987, Local H has transformed through the years.

First noticed for their unique incorporation of bass with Lucas devising a way to insert bass strings into his six string Local H was anything but your typical rock band from the start. Originally from Chicago, the boys started out in local clubs and in 1994, landed a record deal with Island Records, with whom they released their 1995 debut album, "Ham Fisted."

Riding the wave of the addictive Nirvana sound, critics were unsure of the familiar sound and Local H gained a minor buzz. Their next album would prove to be different; 1996 marked the release of "As Good As Dead" which went gold and gained Lucas and Daniels their much deserved recognition.

With singles such as "Bound for the Floor" and "Eddie Vedder" rocking the air waves Local H caught listeners' attention. Their sound soon became recognized as alternative rock with a base in classic hard rock the band's unique styling taking on a life of its own, "Local H has made a career out of straddling the fine line between indie and classic rock."

Their sound coupled with their edgy lyrics described as some as "Midwestern angst" has made Local H a success. In 1996 Local H hit the road with their sound touring with the Stone Temple Pilots.

Two years would pass and in 1998 Local H would hit a rough spot. Their third album "Pack Up the Cats" was released and yet the band was forced to deal with changes such as leaving their current label and Daniels decision to leave the band.

In 2000 Daniels was replaced by drummer Brian St. Claire of Triple Fast Action and Local H joined the label Palm Pictures.

By Dana D'Orazio March 12, 2004