Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles?

Local H has been working the guitar/drums/no-bass thing since before Jack and Meg White became brother and sister. If the hard-bashing twosome’s mix of grunge, pop and populist wit peaked in the alt-rock salad days with clever shout-alongs like "Eddie Vedder" and "All the Kids Are Right," main man Scott Lucas can still rock an room and coax a grin. The new record begins self-deprecatingly with the lost-edge lament "Where Are They Now?" but soon dives back into the snark pit with the anti-coastal "California Songs." And though Lucas has a bead on current garage-rock trendiness, he still keeps things copacetic with pure power-grunge on songs like "Heaven on the Way Down," where he bemoans "fallin’ like an interest rate" even as he reasserts his ability to inject life into a riff that would surely have died on the Vines.

by Laura Sinagra