Local H

Last Updated: July 1, 2002

Pound for pound, body for body, Local H can be counted on to deliver more pure rock 'n' roll energy than any number of acts twice its size. The Illinois duo, often supplemented by multitasking roadies on guitar, keys and tambourine, delivered the rock all right, oh yeah Sunday at the Mountain Dew Rock Stage with Point Special Beer and Lazer 103, with more fun and less self-conscious posing than many a more heavily hyped band (The Strokes spring to mind, for starters). But while frontman Scott Lucas and drummer Brian St. Clair pounded out one bop-worthy hard rock hit after another, after a while, "Half Life" sounded like "Keep Your Girlfriend" sounded like "What Can I Tell You." Only a few songs - notably "Hands on the Bible" off the pair's most recent disc, "Here Comes the Zoo" - stood out as memorable in the din of melodic post-grunge fury.

- Gemma Tarlach,Journal Sentinel staff