Local H - "The No Fun EP" (Thick Records)

The best two person band around (sorry, White Stripes) put out a small sampler to fill the downtime between 2002's "Here Comes The Zoo" and their impending, early 2004 follow-up. Local H - you remember, they did that "Copasetic" song (please, people, it's called "Bound For The Floor") - might deny it left and right, but they are truly the only real grunge band that is still around and they rock like their alterna-rock torch-bearers.

While the EP is brief and not quite as good as any of the band's four LPs some of the songs, most notably "No Fun" and "Cooler Heads" show singer/guitarist/bassist Scott Lucas at his best - sarcastic, clever, and cool - while instrumentally Lucas fills the album with squeaks and feedback like never before. Behind the drum kit, Brian St. Clair continues to bang out beats that show why he is one of the best, and underappreciated, drummers hitting the skins today. "The No Fun EP" should whet any H fan's appetite for the next LP and is full enough that it could convert a great many new fans.

By Nick Romanow December 12, 2003