Local H - Pack Up The Cats - Island

Local H's hook is that they are a duo that sound like a whole band. Scott Lucas, plays a standard guitar with an extra bass pickup which gets sent to a seperate bass amp. And he sings. Joe Daniels plays drums. Do you think they split the money evenly? I'm a believer that a gimmick can only take you so far. So let's see what the music is all about. This CD should have been called, "The Day We Discovered Rock". This neo-grunge duo has definitely gone with more of a rock twist this time around. It's also very tounge and cheek...I hope. With songs like "All-Right (Oh, Yeah)" and "How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Rock" , they manage to admit to liking rock without having to really commit to it. If Kurt Cobain had a sense of humor, it might have sounded like this. I did really enjoy the single, "All The Kids Are Right". Lucas' vocals actually remind of Gilby Clarke on this cut. It's also very humorous in that self-deprecating way that seems to be so popular these days. If you didn't get enough of grunge or found it not quite fun enough the first time around, get this record.