Local H News

In Jim DeRogatis' "Live" section of today's Chicago Sun Times, there is a blurb explaining more about Joe Daniels' departure from the band. Read on:

Catching up a little late with my Dec. 10 column on Local H, the band's former drummer Joe Daniels called to offer his side of the story on his split from the two-man group, one of the most successful bands this area produced in the '90s.

Guitarist-vocalist Scott Lucas attributed his bandmate's departure to rock 'n' roll burnout -- which is true to a point, Daniels says. But it isn't the music he tired of so much as the music business. "Basically the whole way things operated at Island Records wore me down, and I'm not gonna be a slave to that record company anymore," Daniels says. "Now that I'm away from them I can actually say that they [stink]. It's got to be the worst record label out there; they go through these firings and restructurings twice a year. They fired everyone we knew, and I just felt like I didn't need it anymore."

Daniels has enrolled in pre-med and bought a 20-unit apartment building as an investment to pay for his schooling. (Obviously, rock 'n' roll was not without its benefits.) He hasn't played the drums since his last show with Local H. "I miss moving the kids and feeding them that energy," he says. "But I definitely don't miss the music business."

On the other hand, Daniels is keeping one foot in the scene by managing a local rap group, the Icy Rock Posse. And he thanks his fans for all of their support through the years.