First of all, Scott Lucas stands at a height of 5'11'' and weighs 170 lbs. His straight brown hair lays on his calm, gentle face. Black plastic glasses make his small dark brown eyes expand. His large ears wiggle on the side of his head. When he's talking, his glasses move out of place and make him look like a Poindexter. He always wears baggy, ripped jeans and T-shirts. He looks like a vagrant. He looks like he would be a good gymnast but he isn't compared to his friend Joe Daniels. Joe is excellent at back flips. He can do two back flips in the air. Scott's personality is weird but entertaining. He's quiet and deep in thought, but every so often he has a burst of craziness. When he's performing, his personality is totally different from when he's off stage. When he sings on stage or in the recording studio he screams his lungs out. He plays bass and electric guitar while he sings. He's a man of 25, who still enjoys Sega

Okay, now about Joe Daniels. Joe stands at a height of about 5'9". I'm not sure how much he weighs but he looks like solid muscle. Joe has black hair on a friendly face. His hair is always neat whether it's short or in dredd locks. Unlike Scott, Joe is very neat and organized. Joe loves all kinds of sneakers. He's the Imelda Marcos of rock and roll. For such an easy going guy Joe sure beats the heck out of his drum set. I have never seen anyone beat on the drums as hard as Joe does. He's really mighty Joe with a beat. He is very good at gymnastics. When it comes to food, Joe, eats nothing but meat and candy. He hates vegetables. His four food groups are meat, meat, meat, and candy. Joe is in his mid 20's. Joe may sound a little weird but isn't. He's pretty cool.