Local H Rocks Springsteen for Halloween


Fauzia Arain - Clear Channel News

Chicago rock band Local H is planning on dressing up like the Boss to help fans celebrate Halloween this year. Scott Lucas and company will be joined by other local bands to perform October 31 at premiere Windy City rock venue the Double Door, for their 7th Annual Halloween Bash.

Scott Lucas was recently filling in on bass duties for fellow Chi-town scenesters Giant Step (www.giantsteprocks.com). Giant Step was joined by Lucas on various live dates this summer, including a high-profile appearance at the Chicago-area Lollapalooza festival date.

The lineup for the Halloween Bash also includes Figdish as The Cure, Woolworthy as The Scorpions, High Planes Drifter as Lynard Skynyrd, The Last Vegas as The Ramones, Blackbox as Eminem and Giant Step as David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust). Tickets are $10 and the show is slated to begin at 8pm. ke they had fun.