Local H are those guys that sing "Bound For the Floor". If you loved that song, then read no further. Because this band is not merely the sum of it's hit songs. In fact, they are the last living NON-SELLOUTS of the Alternative era.

Not only does Scott Lucas (the guitarist and vocalist) look at sound like Kurt Cobain on the new album, but he also has the stage presence that few Top 40s preformers can master. As if that weren't enough, the drummer and percusionist Joe Daniels proves once again the black man has superior rythmn. (He also looks like he can pump some serious iron, so don't piss him off folks)

On their second album "As Good As Dead", Local H shows off thier in your face punk-rock-disaster area approach to the music scene. Songs such as High-Fiving MF, Back in the Day, and Fritz's Corner show exactly how the guys feel about life, the universe and everything. But they also slow things down with songs such as No Problem, Eddie Vedder, and O.K. These songs show a more tender if not tortured heart. Enough to make you cry, but never fear the next song will make you wanna smash into the guy standing next to ya.

The newest album "Pack Up the Cats" is more of an alternative album. Many of the songs lament about the current state of the music industry. In the years after Kurt Cobain's death, many of the main alternative bands have eighter gone into rehab, broken up (because of rehab) or simply converted to something so different that it freaks us all out. Haunted lyrics like "i'm in love with rock and roll, but that'll change eventually" show exactly how alternative genre is a dying breed. But all in all, i think it's the best album Local H has put out. It covers all the bases, and honestly i've been listeing to it constantly (since i bought it almost a month ago). Also, if hurry to best buy you can pick up the Austriallian Import for the same price as the American copy. This import has an extra CD that features a cover of the AC/DC song "Long Way to the Top [if ya wanna rock and roll]". I saw them play this live, and lemme tell ya... it rocked!!!