As good as dead -

A great angst album. Scott expresses his hate for jocks, lovebirds, and just about every1 else. reminds u of some1, doesnt it? This is the kinda album 2 listen 2 when ur angry. and i have no clue y ;).

Rating: A Songs:

Manifest Density Pt 1: about being obsessed over something and almost going insane

High Fivin MF: They tell us what they think of steroid shootin' jocks.

Bound for the floor: About being a born loser and how it affects you

Lovey Dovey: About how u c other peeps in perfect relationships and ur jealous

I saw what you did and i know who you are: I love this song. its like it waz made 4 me. Its about how it seems you have nowhere to go in life but down.

No Problem: About how something happens 2 u and u act like its no problem but inside its killing you.

Nothing Special: The course explains it. its about how u know u arent really anything that matters, but you feel smarter than the average peep.

Eddie Vedder: About being a star and how it affects ur life.

Back in the day: The rise & fall of punk, and how alternative is headed 4 the same fate.

Freeze dried (f)lies: I'm not really sure about this 1. i think its just one of those depressed songs.

Fritzes Corner: i think they are telling ppl that they are in a band becuz they are bored, not becuz they wanna dis every1.

OK: Having a friend thats done so much better than u.

Manifest Density Pt 2: see manifest density pt 1

Pack up the Cats -

This is a very catchy album. several songs seem to be connected, such as "cha said the kitty", "lucky" "lucky time" and "she hates my job" "stoney". This is an album to listen to when youre depressed. This is my personal favorite album.

Rating: A+


All Right (Oh yeah): being fed up w/ everything.

Cha! Said the Kitty: about disagreements in relationships.

Lucky: When you have nothing left to prove to ur gf/bf

Hit the skids or: how i stopped worrying and learned to love the rock: About learning how 2 stop being depressed

5,000,000 scovilles: same thing

What can i tell u?: Maybe about producers or record labels that think they know everything.

Fine and Good: being hounded w/ questions so u just tell every1 that things r fine and good.

Lead Pipe Cinch: growing pains; alcoholism

Cool Magnet: a song about teens and how they are obligated 2 do whats "kewl".

She hates my job: all in the name

Stoney: instrumental, but really mmoving and depressing. i love it.

Laminate man: About how some people have it so good in life, but they will get whats coming 2 them.

All the kids are right: evidently about a live performance that went bad. not sure which 1.

Deep cut: being confused; not sure what 2 do w/ ur life.

Lucky time: see lucky.