An overlooked, but PERFECT album

Do not let the mere eight reviews for Pack Up The Cats lead you to believe this is not an excellent all-around album. And if you look closely, you'll notice not one of those reviews are 4-, 3-, 2-, or 1-star reviews; they are all 5-star'd reviews. There's something to be said for that. Since I live in Wisconsin and Local H is from Illinois, the three songs "All The Kids Are Right", "All-Right (Oh, Yeah)", and "It's A Long Way To The Top" (AC/DC cover song on disc two) were played every once in a great while; at the time of the album's release. If you have heard any of those tracks, let it be known they are not the only good songs. Every song here (even the one-minute tracks) is good if not excellent. Here's an overview of each song:

1. All-Right (Oh, Yeah) - this awesome track really sets the tone for the entire CD. It's very catchy; and includes some great lyrics and quotes. There is a very rare single version disc floating around somewhere (on Ebay primarily), and that's for good reason.

2. "Cha!" Said The Kitty - from what I understand, Scott Lucas loves kitties. This is actually one of my personal favorites on PUTC; as the lyrics are both brilliant and humorous (for example: 'I don't wanna be a rat / and you don't want a kitty cat'). Don't be deceived by its silly title.

3. Lucky - this 49-second track is basically an outro to track two; or maybe an intro to "Lucky Time" (the final track). But either way the continual meowing cats in the background and overall lyrics make it fun to listen to.

4. Hit The Skids Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Rock - when it comes to straight-up rock songs, it doesn't get any better than this. The guitar sound here is very intriguing and probably makes this one of the album's better songs. "Answering Machine" (on disc two) plays in the background as well.

5. 500,000 Scovilles - although only 1.5-minutes long, this track really stands out. The lyrics are simplistic, yet unbelievably awesome: 'I'm living well / I'm working out / I'm eating right'. There are no gaps before and after this song; so there's a chance you may overlook it.

6. What Can I Tell You? - this song is very similar to song four. It has a flawless guitar sound backed by very interesting lyrics. It's actually one of the CD's longer songs (at 4:52); and is carried out by 30 seconds of beautifully melodic whistles, courtesy of drummer Joe Daniels. Classical!

7. Fine And Good - track seven sort of calms the tempo down. This has always been a favorite of mine; mainly because it's so diverse and different when compared to previous and latter songs. And with that softer sound comes more stellar lyrics.

8. Lead Pipe Cinch - here's another one of those quote-unquote: 'filler tracks'. But I will say this may hold Pack Up The Cat's most excellent quote: 'something in my mind won't let my heart and head and mouth connect...'. For a one-minute track, it's remarkably amazing.

9. Cool Magnet - the guitar work here is great; as Stone Temple Pilots' guitarist Dean DeLeo makes a splendid appearance. This is most likely the third best song on the album. It features more great lyrics in the vein of school spirit and cataracts.

10. She Hates My Job - this might actually be a hit-and-miss track. If you have had a job which your significant other hated, you'll probably love this song. And even though it's not one of my favorites, the melody and guitar work (easily) make it noteworthy.

11. Stoney - "She Hates My Job" is carried right into this instrumental masterpiece. As far as I know, this is Local H's only instrumental track to date; as if that says anything. But it really gets you pumped for...

12. Laminate Man - ...a definitive gem. The words within the song are a bit out-there, but the jamming (choice word) on the piano, the lyrics, and rabble-rousing guitar sound make it one of my personal favorites on the CD. The ending is kind of eerie; all the same.

13. All The Kids Are Right - it's hard to believe this one never hit it big. It may appear, at first glance, that this is an anti-Local H song; with the 'you heard that we were great / but now you think we're lame / since you saw the show last night' start, but really its meant to be ironical. If you heard this song and liked it, absolutely buy this album.

14. Deep Cut - this heavy-felt track is essentially my favorite Local H song of all-time. I just cannot get enough of this song. Every line in the song is awesome; and therefore I believe it to be, lyrically, the best song on Pack Up The Cats. It's one of those you-have-to-hear-it-to-believe-it-type tracks.

15. Lucky Time - ah, yes... the epic closer. This is a perfect end to a perfect album. It's slow (a bit quieter than "Fine And Good"), melodic, and it really leaves you feeling good. It's hard to find closers that finish off CDs with the vividness and excellence that this one does.

Although consisting of just two members and being known primarily for a hit song that no one knew the name of ("Bound For The Floor"; which was infamously dubbed 'The Copasetic Song'), Local H manages to possess something no other band does: perfection. There is not a bad song on Pack Up The Cats; and even the four 'filler' songs make for excellent overall tracks. If you know Local H because of that earlier hit; or have heard one of these songs somewhere, I highly recommend you buy this CD. Don't let the seemingly childish title fool you.

Cats, Ham, where does it end?

I just cannot say enough about this incredibly talented yet underrated band. I first heard of them when the song "Kids are Right" was played on the radio...This Zion-based rock band just has it all- emotion, comody, anger, lust, and envy, and one that I can personally relate to-growing up in a one horse town. And another amazing thig? Only two members. Between the rash vocals and acid guitar work of Scott Lucas and the crashing yet flowing drum works of Joe Daniells, it all condenses into one giant wall of sound. Every song on here is good, so I'll just name them as I go:

All Right (Oh Yeah)- great intro. I just kinda hits you right away, then all the way home, you are just like "All right OH yea!

Cha said the kitty- "feeling like an 8-track-" HUH?????? I think this has some of the most rediculously funny lyrics. I don't know what the obsession of Cats on this album is, but I like it!

Lucky- Like an intro to the last song, "Lucky Time" and another cat obsessed track. Though only under a minute, the cats in the background are hilarious!

Hit the skids- another solid rock gem from this album, great song lyrics to this one!

Scooviles-just a filler really, but it has a good beat!

What can I tell you- The title says it all. Just another great song, that's all. Love that bass line!

Fine and Good- A cool down, almost in the vain of Brit rock bands such as Blur and Jam. This is one of my favorite songs on the cd. Sometimes, when the old thrash sort of stuff on the cd gets a bit old, this will always play the beat true on your stereo!

Lead Pipe Cinch- Another filler, but it's worth the 30 or so seconds. Same tune as the chorus of "Kids" if you didn't notice

Cool Magnet- Another hard-rocker in the vain of Stone-temple pilot's music, which is appropriate since it feature's STP's Dean DeLeo on guitar.

She Hates my Job- I just love sarcastic songs, and this is definately no exception. It's a bit ironic granted that my girlfriend and I actually have the same job!

Stoney- Like an intro to "Laminate Man", and it really spices it up well!

Laminate Man- Another stand out. The piano in the background is great, I love the "old rock" sort of feal, and the lyrics are outstanding, even though they make no sense

The Kids are Right- Ah yes. The ever popular T-shirts song. I am just so suprised this song didn't make it further than it did, because if there is one song that just sticks to you lyric-wise, this would be it!

Deep Cut- Prolly the heaviest on the album, almost in the vain of "Ham Fisted" but more put together. My least favorite on the album, but still like it, so that tells you how much I like the album!!

Lucky time- what a happy ending. This a great conclusion song-steady beat, good lyrics, another lighter one on the album. Sometimes, cds that are just flat out ROCK get old and boring after a while. It's song like this that saves that. This was actually the second song I listened to after I bought the album, and still rings in my head

Why have no-one heard of these guys?

This CD is amazing. I can't believe that they aren't well known in the States. I love Local H and this would have to be one of, if not the best album they have released. There isn't really a bad song on the album and the bonus disc that was released here in Australia is quite good also with a cover of AC/DC's IT'S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP (IF YOU WANT TO ROCK AND ROLL) and a track that is just a stack of messages left on Scott Lucas' answering machine. There is even one from a little kid who says he's Scott's son! Anyway, this album is great. As a great Aussie once said - DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR and go out and get this CD.

They just keep getting progressively better

Local H continues to amaze me. Their harsh and real-life lyrics appeal to my more realistic side where imagination can't always save you from the rudimentary. And their sound, the hard guitar and drum beats that flow eloquently throught all tracks can't help but urge you to roll the windows/sunroof down and turn it up and share their music with the rest of your neighborhood.