Here Comes the Zoo Local H

It’s been around four years since we’ve heard from Local H. The Chicago-based two-man outfit of singer/guitarist Scott Lucas and drummer Brian St. Clair come roaring back with what should be one of this year’s best releases, Here Comes the Zoo.

Here Comes the Zoo marks Local H’s debut for Palm Pictures and is bound to be a huge hit for the band and the label. With the help of producer Jack Douglas, Local H has turned out hit after hit on this album. It’s nearly a rock and roll spectacle from the dramatic opener “Hands On the Bible,” to the closing “What Would You Have Me Do?” The album’s racing riff of its first single “Half-life” is already a radio hit. A couple of my top favorites include “5th Ave. Crazy” where the sensual vocals of Shanna Kiel are quite pleasing to the ear and the standout track “(Baby Wants To) Tame Me.” It starts off innocently enough as a little psychedelic guitar jam, which later evolves into this rock and roll showstopper clocking in at over 13? minutes. Misfits’ Jerry Only makes a guess appearance on “Keep Your Girlfriend.”

“Rock and Roll Professionals” is simply a tweaked up classic rock song taking a stab at those in the rock music industry. And the aforementioned “What Would You Have Me Do?” rolls out about 11 minutes of another solid jam and comes to a drawn out ending into silence only to be broken up by distancing intervals of the guitar and drums crashing in. You are left to enjoy the tranquil silence as if sitting on your porch on a hot summer day with intermittent reminders of life happening around you. Then out of nowhere Local H comes crashing through one last time just about giving you a heart attack awakening out of your Zen-like state of mind. The total time on the last track runs over 25 minutes. Local H jams out a winner with Here Comes the Zoo. This album should give Local H a rejuvenating return to the mainstream and hold steady.