Spotlight on "Whatever Happened to PJ Soles?"

Today I'm introducing a new feature on 8x7 called "Joe's Music Spotlight". I will take one of my songs and give you a little insight into its creation, for example, maybe some lyrics or a story behind the meaning of it. I will not just limit myself to my own songs, sometimes I'll comment on another artist's song that means something special to me.

Today's song is "Whatever Happened to PJ Soles"

Who is PJ Soles you ask? She was the star of Roger Corman's classic Ramones movie "Rock 'N Roll High School". She played the lead character and pretty much danced around the whole movie worshipping Joey Ramone. It was amazing acting if you ask me, because you really believed that she thought Joey Ramone was hot, when in reallity he didn't even look like he was from this planet!

All kidding aside, I love the movie and when I wrote this song, it took all of about 10 minutes to complete. I remember sitting in my apartment in Tommy Rockstar's house and writing it on his beat-up Yamaha acoustic guitar, then promptly calling up Hugo Lowbrow (who was our drummer at the time) and telling him, "I wrote a song called 'Whatever Happened to PJ Soles' because everything ryhmes with PJ Soles!!".

There is a line in the song about Hugo that goes like this:

Just a couple of days ago I was hanging out with Hugo He showed me something I wish I'd never seen... There was my PJ Soles in all her glory for everyone to see Stark naked in the middle of a magazine.

This line is completely true. Hugo had come over with a copy of "Celebrity Skin" and showed me a shot of her topless. Needless to say I was heartbroken!

The reason I thought of this song today is because it also has another meaning to me. When my wife was pregnant with my daughter, the first time she kicked hard enough for my wife to feel it in her belly was when I was playing her the 'PJ Soles 7" single. Kids get stimulated in the womb by loud music! So today while we were at the perinatal office, our son was sleeping in the womb and we were trying various methods to wake him up so they could successfully run all of their tests. I broke out the iPod and put my Grados up to my wife's belly and played 'PJ Soles. Unfortunately, this time it didn't do the trick

by joe on Monday December 08 2003