Artist: Local H

Album: Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles

Label: Studio E Records

Tracks: 14

Before the White Stripes broke into the commercial radio alternative rock world another rock duo brought the rock on the heels of the grunge scene. Releasing their first album on Polygram Records, it wasnít until their 2nd release that the band broke onto the national airwaves with the hit "Bound to the Floor" on their 1996 release "As Good As Dead".

Itís been about 7 years since Iíve heard a Local H album. So I decided to look up their discography online to see what I may have missed and it looks to be about two albums and an EP. It also appears as though the band either got dropped or left Polygram Records around the time the label got bought out by Seagram, now known as the Universal Music Group.

With "Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles?" Local H has moved a good bit away from their post-grunge alt-rock sound and has settled in on a sound thatís a little more pop, a little more produced, yet still holds those elements of classic rock that many of the bands towards the end of the grunge era were incorporating. Although I donít want to totally give the wrong impression, Local H still attempts to rock on tracks such as "Everyone Alive", "Money on the Dresser" and "Heavy Metal Bake Sale". Unfortunately this album didnít do much for me. After about 10 listens I still canít get into itÖat all. For a band thatís been playing for over 8 years I would expect more. What you get is repetitive and boring songs that lack creativity and for a rock albumÖjust donít rock.

Review by: Tom Bastian