CMJ- Here Comes the Zoo

You must remember the catch phrase "You just don't get it/ Keep it copacetic" from Local H's monster hit "Bound For The Floor." That tune ruled the airwaves back in the mid-'90s, and we really haven't heard much more than a peep from the band since then - but lest one make the safe assumption that the band has firmly secured a place for itself in the annals of rock's one-hit-wonderdom, along comes Here Comes The Zoo to re-ignite the Local H fire. Things have changed: band co-founder/drummer Joe Daniels quit the band and has been replaced by Brian St. Clair, and while the band remains a duo, big and burly songs like "Rock And Roll Professionals," "Keep Your Girlfriend" and "Hands On The Bible" are beefy, regular-guy rockers with just the right balance of testosterone, energy and brains. Queens Of The Stone Age guitar god Josh Homme and the Misfits' Jerry Only contribute their talents to Here Comes The Zoo, which will grab you by the nape of neck and shake you till the sweat pours out of every orifice in your puny little body.

Amy Sciarretto