Reviews CDNOW Chicago band Local H, famous for the annoyingly insinuating "Bound for the Floor," and for naming a song after Eddie Vedder, are more quick-witted and self-aware than your average STP-like outfit. And while most of Pack Up the Cats (almost worth it for the title alone) is middling alterna-rock, the record's first single, "All the Kids Are Right" is hilarious and borderline brilliant. A sly knock at trendy bands ultimately exposed as talentless by ever-wise fans, lines like, "All your cred won't save you from the kids/ Who saw what you did" could easily apply to Local H themselves. That they must know it, and know that we know it, lends the song a whole other level of irony, which is two more than most grunge-yet-post-grunge bands are capable of. If only the rest of the record were as appealing: A whole record like "Kids" would make Local H bona fide stars, or, at the very least, earn them a higher rating, but most of the rest of Cats, repetitive and slightly cheesy, isn't up to that standard, even if the meowing cats accompanying the title track are a nice touch.