Local H a band/performance review

From Zion, Illinois, Local H are Scott Lucas on guitar Joe Daniels on drums opening on the main stage at Desert Sky for the Meat Puppets A great Earth Day, April 21 the sun begins to set they start strong with User fourth track on recent Island release Ham Fisted

Next up Bag of Hammers "the mother fuck" song Scott calls it later Roadie Gabe Rodriguez jumps out now and then to fill in a back vocal or a screeching whistle in Cynic Joe with his shirt off sitting low to the floor pounds away as Scott hits his solo and moves right into Cynic

"I made a promise to myself but I think I need some help if you see something that fits good in me won't you tell me and maybe I'd be something you could stand"

full sound, takes a lot of energy for two guys to fill this stage power primal scream heavy drums audience small but receptive and mostly young Manipulator

"I never said I wouldn't lie to you I never said but what I said was true"

good grove sun going down white glow on front row grooving singing along Scott red-faced screaming sweat glistening on Joe's back braids flying sticks flying guzzling water and spitting what'd you say

Scott-Rock cheers for Gabe on tambourine concentrating hard and self-conscious bassy steady beat played with power drums drawing a crowd

twentysomething-twentynothing anthem Mayonnaise and Malaise Gabe does some back vocal Scott throws it into

Skid Marks hard hitting Joe and his killer body Scott finishes with heavy guitar and fades into audience screams for Meat Puppets

Tammy, their manager says she signed them because they're a good live band, tight

talking to Scott and Joe later I say I have trouble remembering names of their songs because the hook doesn't match the title it's an "old Led Zepplin trick" Scott says

together since 1988, Local H started out as four piece lost rhythm guitar and then bass player but sounded even better...

sound-bites: incredible shrinking band must have told us something we got signed no feuding it's just so simple like we have chemistry anybody else is gonna upset it we're just out to have fun doing what we want right people behind us Joe Bosso A and R Gold Mountain management Island records letting us work slow To get the full sound Scott uses a bass pick up on bottom two strings sending through an octave peddle to bass amp

Joe sits pretty low at his set adjust drums to make it easier pull off attacks quicker break less sticks

we talk about shows they've done Liz Phair and they recommend Betty Severe for a great show check out their CD you may have heard Mayonnaise and Malaise on KUKQ I was pleased to find the rest of Ham Fisted worth listening to money well spent I could compare them to Alice in Chains Nirvana Soundgarden Pearl Jam Smashing Pumpkins why bother they're none of the above decide for yourself These guys have talent and energy and I think they'll stick around

by Lynne O'Connor (c) 1994 Lynne O'Connor